Dublin, Ireland Travel Guide

Dublin, Ireland Travel Guide-places and things to do

Dublin is the biggest and capital city of Ireland. It is a highly developed metropolis that belongs to the thirty most important cities in the world. Dublin offers some different places to visitors, worth seeing. These include churches, historic buildings, libraries, museums, galleries, parks, and gardens. Dublin is a historically rich city. Over the years, literature, theater, and art have played an essential role in its cultural development. We must not ignore the fact that Dublin gave the world one of the greatest writers, who remained the true classics of their time. These are James Jayes, George Bernard Shaw, and Oscar Wilde.


Geographical location

Dublin is located in the central part of the east coast of the island of Ireland, which is closest to Britain and the European mainland. Dublin is located on the east coast of the island of Ireland, at the River Lifi.

Best time to go

You can visit this powerful city at any time of year. Whenever you want, you can go. Although the days in Dublin are mostly rainy, it will not spoil your stay and mood, because this city certainly has everything to show.

Fun fact

The English name of the town  Dublin is derived from the Irish term Dubh Linn (Black Bar, Black Lake). The Irish name of the city is Baile Átha Cliath, which in a literal translation means a city on a prevented gauge.


Useful information

Irish is the official language in Dublin. But the second official language is  English.

The Euro is used as the primary currency.

You can use the bus because they are popular in this city. It’s mostly are busses on the floor, popular double-deck. Their stations are marked in Irish and English.

What to do

Phoenix Park– this is the biggest park in Dublin. This urban park includes large areas of grassland and trees.
After visiting Dublin, you can come to this park to relax. It will seem that everything is yours, and you will return to the time of knights and princesses.

St Stephen’s Green– this is a city center public park in Dublin. This park with the lake offers you great comfort. Its historic appearance will tell you the cultural and historical story of this city. With a colorful flower in it, your pleasure will be complete.

Powerscourt Estate– You must see this place when you come to Dublin. You have to find time for this Powerscourt. The enormous greenery around it looks like a valley in the middle of which is the castle. Stairs that look like a waterfall will lead you to this magnificent edition. You will feel all his power when you stand in front of him, and you will surely not miss the enthusiasm.

National Gallery of Ireland– This building, located in downtown Dublin, shines with art. There are excellent collections of Irish painters in it. The one who loves art and recognizes values will definitely enjoy these romantic and historical moments.

Dublin Zoo– this is the largest park in Ireland. The most popular attraction for tourists, especially for children. It’s interesting that in addition to seeing various types of animals, you can also educate yourself about each of them, and about some other things related to them. This large zoo is divided into fields. Choose where you want to go and learn what your heart desires. With vast and different plants from all over the country, you will have the impression that you are right there. One great trip.


Irish Museum of Modern Art– is Ireland’s leading national institution for the collection and presentation of modern and contemporary art. The Museum presents a wide variety of art in a changing programme of exhibitions, which regularly includes bodies of work from its own collection and its education and community department.

James Joyce Centre-Another historical edition for those who love culture and art. This building represents the history of an extraordinary man, James Joyce, his life and work. Surrounded by things from his time, you will have the impression that you are at the very moment when he wrote his great works.

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin-St. Patrick’s is the tallest church in Ireland and the largest. The cathedral is the location for many public national ceremonies. Ireland’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, hosted by the Royal British Legion and attended by the President of Ireland, take place there every November. Its Carol service (the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols), celebrated twice in December, including every 24 December, is a colorful feature of Dublin life.

Where to eat

Crackbird-The main chicken restaurant in the city, this is definitely a place to go if you have a great desire for a large basket of incredibly tasty fried chicken (be sure to take soy and garlic sauce with chicken). You will always know what to expect in this place whenever you decide to come.

Market Bar– This place is perhaps best for lunch. Whether you are alone or in a big company, you will always be relaxed with this kind of comfort. A hidden bar on the floor is great for a beer after lunch.

-TerraMare– This small Italian restaurant has the best foods in Italian recipes throughout Dublin. The two owners who run the restaurant are really experts in what they know best, and that’s food, and you can always expect a recommendation on what to order that day.

Richmond– This restaurant is a definition of what I say a restaurant from the neighborhood. They do not have a special choice with this restaurant because they believe everything you order from a menu from this restaurant will be delicious and you will want to come back again and again.


Where to shop

Shopping in Dublin is mainly concentrated around two streets, Grafton Street and Henry Street, and it’s interesting that most stores are located within some of the many department stores or centers. In Grafton, you can find probably the most famous local brands, such as the Brown Thomas department store, Jewish Jewelry or popular Bewley’s Cafe. On the other side of the Liffey River, on Henry Street, there are several shopping centers – ILAC, Jervis, Arnotts where you can find the most luxurious brands.

If you have time

-Merrion Square is a Georgian garden square on the south side of Dublin city center. Merrion Square was a fashionable address for politicians, lawyers, doctors, and writers.



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