Hoi An, Vietnam Travel Guide

Hoi An Travel Guide things To Do and See

The city:

Hoi An is a coastal town, also known as the Old City of Hoi An, its preserves century building representing the various cultural influences that the city had during its history: Chinese, Japanese and European.



Best time to go:

February to May, the dry season, when the weather presents a moderate temperature.


Hoi An is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations.

Hoi An contains tailors recognized as the ones who make the best suits over the measure in Asia – and good prices.


Useful information:

Cars and motorcycles are not allowed in the historic town. The tours should be done on foot or with bicycles.

Tips about local etiquette: It is considered impolite speak and laugh loud and to be openly affectionate. Revealing clothes should not be dressed in religious and sacred places.


What to do:

Tan Ky House: a must-see 200 years-old history building. It has been preserved through seven generations and presents architectural influences from Japanese, Chinese and even European culture.

Thun Bon Riverside: There are many attractions on the banks of Thun Bon River. Modern and traditional boat anchor bringing people to shop in the market. Visitors can find every kind of things, including the typical hand-crafted lanterns brought by the Chinese traders in the 18th century.



Where to eat:

Broccoli: a restaurant for those who are looking Vietnamese food with comfort and quality. And it is near the beach area of the city, being a good place to end a day of relaxation by the sea.

Restaurant & Cafe Tuan: Sometimes, a traveler just needs a place to eat a pizza for a good price. Restaurant & Cafe Tuan is that place, mainly for those who are far from downtown. And the staff is very friendly.

Where to shop:

Hoi An Central Market: The place to find Vietnamese silk for a good price (mainly if you know how to bargaining), fragrant herbs and spices, fruits, vegetables, and fresh fish. Customers can enjoy the Vietnamese culture and find beautiful handcrafts souvenirs from local artists.


Where to stay:

Four Seasons Resort – The Nam Hai: Located just 15 minutes from downtown, offers spa, restaurant and all the comforts of a 5-star luxury hotel. It is near to the shore and guest can do a nice walk on the beach.

Lazy Bear Hostel: Situated between the Old Town and the Cua Dai Beach, this hostel offers amenities as shared and private rooms, air-conditioning and motorcycle rental service. A bar serves meals and is a good place to meet other backpackers.


If you have time:

Herbs and Spices Cooking classes: go to a good restaurant and have a good meal is nice but learning how to do your own food is a unique experience.

Cycle tour: Since cars and motorcycles are forbidden in downtown, cycles are the principal way of transport. Though there is rickshaw service in the city, nothing is compared to the freedom to go everywhere riding a bicycle and try a additional involvement on local life.


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