Novi Sad, Serbia Travel Guide

Novi Sad, Serbia travel guide-places and things to do

Novi Sad is not the capital city of Serbia, but it is one of the major cities that is an ornament of Serbia. Novi Sad is known for its greenery, life and kind and hospitable people.

Geographical location
Novi Sad is located almost in the central part of Vojvodina. It covers the lowland areas in Southern Backa and mountainous parts of Fruska Gora Mountain in the northern Srem.
Best time to go
The best time to come to Novi Sad is in the spring, in May. Then everything becomes green, and trees from the mountain of Fruska Gora gives this city an exceptional beauty and charm.

Fun fact
On the place of the Danube Park, Danube lake was until 1911, when it is drained, planted and landscaped park. It is interesting that at the end of the Danube streets were boats tied.

Useful information
– The Serbian language is the official language of Novi Sad, but in some parts of this city, we can hear other languages ​​because of international students.
– The primary currency is the Serbian dinar, but we can also use the euro.
– All the sights we can go by taxi, city buses, or we can walk if you like walking. In some parts of Novi Sad, you can rent a bike so that you can enjoy the bike ride.

What to do
FRUŠKA GORA– beautiful nature, and in this beautiful nature are spiritually raised several monasteries. Tourists who come cannot miss visiting those monasteries, because each of them has their story. Nothing is more beautiful than a tour of the spiritual, cultural and historical heritage of our nation.

SINAGOGA– in the heart of Novi Sad magnificent building. The city and the building in front of which every. The synagogue was a place where are held music concerts. A music program that takes place in the space of the synagogue is diverse. Moreover, what is important is a quality program.

SABORNA CRKVA– the church is located in the center but is entirely sheltered away. You cannot see all her beauty.
If you become tired of the crowd and the noise in the city center, then you can always find an oasis of peace and tranquility in this church.

DUNAVSKA ULICA – a street that reflects the spirit of Novi Sad, a city where time flows slower pulse calms down. The oldest street in Novi Sad closed for traffic. It has so many attractions like public library building which is done in a vintage style with lots of cafes and pastry shops.

PETROVARADIN– place where Novi Sad can be viewed entirely. At the fortress are several restaurants and cafes, so it is nice to come to visit and walk through the castle. Petrovaradin is not only a historical but exciting tourist destination. At the Petrovaradin in the past 16 years organizing prestigious music festival Exit with a variety of performers from all around the world.

Matica Srpska– most extensive library in which students and others find their peace. The corridors of the library with the scent of books lure you to sit down and enjoy the reading room. The friendly staff is ready to answer any of your questions, and they are ready to help.

LEMANSKI Park- the largest park in the city. Within the park is the source of drinking water. It is a favorite promenade Liman residents, especially the owner of dogs.
ŠTRAND– favorite pastime on the Strand has always been sports. For visitors, today is available two basketball courts, three volleyball and miniature golf course, a climbing wall, and for children there are playgrounds. More than 400 trees, mostly native species, flower beds, ornamental shrubs, and lawns make a pleasant stay at the Strand. On safety in the water and on the beach, they are excellent care trained rescues and police patrols.

DINO PARK– outdoor Dino Park is designed to be educational, cultural and entertainment character. Residents of the park are 24 replicas of dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era, about which visitors will be able to learn more, accompanied by expert guides. Besides the appearance, size, and characteristics of dinosaurs, these guides will explain to you what life was like in the time of Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous, and finally, how these intriguing animals completely disappeared from the planet. Interesting is that are replicas of dinosaurs multimedia – that can run and emit sounds, which contributes to the authentic experience, especially for the youngest visitors.

Where to eat

Coffee VELIKI– a restaurant that’s different, that offers some Central European cuisine and flavors that are not known to the average tourist or someone at not born in that region. The ambiance, food, and the atmosphere are for every commendation.

TOSTER BAR– best burgers in Serbia or elsewhere. Service is quick. Very nice bar decorated with the affected location. Amiable and professional staff, delicious food and friendly ambiance. With ​​an excellent selection of burgers, they offer a remarkable number of home beer.

RESTORAN ZAK– great location for a reasonable price. Cozy accommodations, spacious and tidy. Amiable staff. Tasty breakfast.

ASTAL ŠAREN– in the center of Novi Sad is an exciting restaurant. The restaurant is in a rustic style with checkered tablecloths and antique ambiance.

Corso Cafe & Restaurant– excellent, beautiful place in the heart of Novi Sad, with an excellent selection and quality food and very professional staff. One of the better places in Novi Sad, worth a visit.

SALAŠ-137– excellent restaurant incorporated into the excellent, ambiance. Garden like in a countryside. You can ride a horse or drive a horse-drawn carriage, and you can walk. Top choice and quality food.

KAFE RESTAURANT MODENA– best coffee in town and the most beautiful squeezed orange.


LAZIN SALAŠ– house is an old Vojvodina, all rustic. Irresistible cooked meals that are spread around this restaurant, given the spirit of old times.

ČARDA KUĆERAK NA RIBARCU- a remarkable fish (and not just seafood) restaurant. The view from the terrace of the Danube and Dunavac. At the time it is transferred to a Mediterranean ambiance. A large, neat room with plenty of tables, however, will not guarantee you a place and is the preferred booking.

Where to shop

Bazaar– is located in the center of Novi Sad, at the beginning of the pedestrian zone and it represents the certain place for shopping. A variety of shops, a coffee club with a stunning view, children playground, supermarket, hairdresser, manicure and fitness center are located on four levels, to around 9,000 m2 of commercial space. You can spend your free time with family and friends, shopping or socializing and relaxation every day from 9 am to 21 pm and Sundays from 10 to 18h. While you are shopping, professional animators will take care of your children in the children’s playroom, and after the fantastic shopping, you can be refreshed in a cafe or coffee Green Club Giardino.

If you have time

If you have time, you must eat at the tower on the Petrovaradin.

KATAKOMBE– On Petrovaradin- An extraordinary experience is accompanied by professional guides walk underground dungeons of the fortress, look at the sizeable ancient fortress guns and much more in these times of the eighteenth century.


8 thoughts on “Novi Sad, Serbia Travel Guide

  1. Never been this part of the world. Novi Sad seems to be a nice place to visit but Serbia is a really cold place and I think I can only travel there in the summer. Thx!


  2. Novi Sad looks like an amazing place to visit. I think one must learn basics of Serbian language before visiting there. If given a chance, I would definitely love to visit all the places you mentioned


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