Paris, France Travel Guide

Paris, A Guide to Traveling in France – Things to do and Places to Visit

France has a lot to offer to tourists. There are is the food, wine, the French culture, and the fantastic architecture. To experience all this, there is no better place to visit that the capital of France which is Paris. Parisian people are known to be welcoming and very friendly to tourists, so, if you do visit this fantastic city, you are destined to have an excellent time.

Geographical Location

Paris is located in the north-bending arc of the river Seine. It includes 2 islands which are Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis. France is located in the west of Europe. It is bordered by Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.


Best Time to go

The best time to travel to Paris is from June to August and from September to October. During these months the weather is just perfect for exploring this great city.

Fun Fact

Paris is not the original name given to this city. The original name was Lutetia Parisiorum.

Useful Information

  • The official language in France is French. English is also common in France.
  • The official currency used in France is the Euro. Dollars are not very welcome in France.
  • You can opt to use public transport to cruise around Paris, or you can opt to use a taxi or a rental. To move around Paris more conveniently, it is advisable that you use either a rental or a taxi.
  • There are no rules forbidding you from wearing any type of clothing. What you wear will be determined by what you feel comfortable with.


What to do

  • One iconic structure that you will need to visit is the Eiffel Tower which was built back in 1889. You can use an elevator to get to the top floor of this tower where you will get a panoramic view of the city of Paris.
  • Opéra Garnier or what most people know as Palais Garnier is an architectural masterpiece that you should visit while you are in France. It offers a sense of mystery to all its visitors.
  • Luxembourg Gardens which is a warm-weather oasis provides 61 acres for people who visit this place to enjoy sun-soaking and a lot of other activities which can keep you and your kids entertained.
  • Arc de Triomphe is a historic site that was commissioned by Napoléon to honor Grande Armee during the Napoleonic wars. This site has the biggest arch in the whole world.
  • To experience the religion in Paris, you need to visit Sacré-Coeur.


Where to Eat

  • La Cantine de la Cigale – This place will serve you with the best dishes from south-west France at very affordable prices.
  • For seafood lovers, the best restaurant to visit is the L’Ilot
  • Le Petit Clerc is a restaurant which is very famous for its local dishes. You will get everything from open sandwiches to salads in this place.

Where to Shop

  • Avenue des Champs Elysées has a wide variety of stores available. You can get anything from this place including clothing, books, and accessories.
  • You can get shoes, clothes, home decorations, and more from Rue de Passy.
  • Another place to shop is Rue de Rennes where you can shop for almost anything including accessories, electronics and more.


If You Have Time

  • You can visit Normandy which is only 150 minutes from Paris. This is the famous American Cemetery.
  • Loire Valley which is only 120 minutes away from Paris is home to the three best castles. You have to see these before you leave France.
  • To experience French architecture at its best, you need to visit Chartres Cathedral which is only 60 minutes from Paris.

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