Port Louis, Mauritius Travel Guide

Port Louis, Mauritius Travel Guide – Places and Things to do.

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius. The city was formerly a dutch and French colony but has steadily become a major attraction for tourists, thanks mainly to the city’s love for white sand beaches, port facilities, excellent spas, parks, and nature walks.

Geographical Location:

Port Loius, located in the Port Louis District, is a port on the Indian Ocean. Port Louis has localities which include the Chinatown, Ward IV, City center, and Valle Pitot. The tropical island was found by the French officials during troublesome travel along the Cape of good hope.


Best time to go:

All around the year, Port Louis is a lovely place to visit. The island is warm and friendly in between May and September. The winter sun is a major attraction for tourists, thus making the winter an attractive period to come to Port Louis. There is no particular time of the year that Port Loius is not advisable to visit.

Fun Fact:

  • Port Loius is a major African port with lots of facilities.
  • There is much historical and colonial building in Port Louis from many centuries ago.port 1

Useful Information:

  • The official language of people in Port Louis is French and English.
  • Other languages widely spoken in Port Louis include Hindi and Chinese.
  • Mauritian Rupee (MUR) is the official currency in Port Louis.
  • Port Louis is usually very busy, thanks largely to it been the countries capital city as well as a major port in Africa.
  • There is only one motorway which leads inside and outside of the city.
  • Port Louis, along with Johannesburg, are the two most important financial center in Africa.
  • Topless wears by women, and other forms of nudism are not allowed in beaches located in Port Louis.
  • The city is diversified when it comes to religion.


What to do:

  • Visit the National botanical garden to enjoy the freshness of nature.
  • Ile Aux Cerfs Island Beach is a place to be during your visit to Port Louis.
  • Just like every tourist you have visited earlier, you wouldn’t ever feel bored on your visit to the Port Loius waterfront. It is a destination packed with lots of fun and excitement ranging from music to arts.
  • Casela is another natural park in Port Louis where you will derive fun from your adventure.

Where to eat:

  • Le Fangourin located in Beau Plan is a restaurant which offers local dishes in modern style.
  • La Chaumiere Masala offers Indian delicacies at a quick rate. You will find La Chaumiere Masala along Ile aux Cerfs.


Where to shop:

  • Le Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis is a hub for various shopping malls.
  • The city’s central market is stocked with accessories, clothes, and lots of varieties.
  • Port Mathurin, also known as the Marche de Port Mathurin, is a market where you can get fresh fruits in abundance.
  • Interested in buying books? Visit the book court in Port Louis to get various books written in English, French, Hindu, etc.

cover mau

If you have time:

  • The historical Le Morne Mountain located in the southern part of Port Louis is UNESCO World heritage attraction center where you can visit.
  • You can take a walk around the city to behold the historical French colonial mansions.
  • Take some time out to explore the beautiful beaches of Port Louis during your visit.

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